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This week sucks.

You know, the only thing worse than being pretty much confined to my house all week by an infection is when people want to know about the infection that's kept me confined to the house. Believe me - a) I don't really want to talk about it; and b) you really wouldn't want me to, either. I'm not looking forward to the questions when I go back to work next week. I did tell one of my bosses what was up - cos she's female and an ex-nurse and so would both completely understand why I couldn't come to work, and also would not be fazed by discussing it. Not that I really have a problem discussing it - it's just that I know that if I answer people truthfully they're going to wish I hadn't *smirk*. I'm thinking of telling everyone that I've had some really disgusting, horrible disease - a disease so horrible that everyone will be completely grossed out and run away from me (and not ask any further questions).
Any suggestions? Maybe I should google "gross diseases" and see what I can find. 

Anyway, I'm sick of pain and discomfort. Can't wait until it's all over.   


*Pets you*

Just tell them it was a SARS scare - but you're pretty sure you're safe now. Then COUGH. Loudly. In their direction.

That should keep them away :-)
Heh. That sounds like fun!
Imply that it was a STD then hit on them. Overtly. Alternatively, http://www.mazepath.com/uncleal/diseases.htm. Yep.

I hope you feel better soon! Infections suck ass.
Dude, that link was groooooooossssss. Ew. Now I'm paranoid about any of those things ever happening to me!

Thanks, and yes, yes they do.
It's what happens when you google 'disgusting disease'. *evil grin*

Feeling any better?
agh :[
hope you feel better soon, and i guess not up for going out tomorrow either ;\

indeed argh.
thanks, and nope, not really up for going out :-(
Totally gross them out and they'll never ask about anything in future. Although ppl generally ask 'cos they're trying to be nice... I suppose you could just say something crptic about "womanly issues" - that generally scares men into profound and terrified silence.
Pfft. People generally ask cos they're nosy. I figured the guys will be easy to put off with raised eyebrows and vague hints about how they really don't want to know (they'll figure it's girly stuff and run) - it's really the nosy women that're going to regret asking! Not that it's really gross or anything, but it's just stuff people don't really want to discuss.