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ice queen

I want to rant, but I think I'm too sad...

I spent today at the Pay Equity Symposium, hearing how, in this day and age, women in the finance sector (excluding management-types because they would skew the data too much) earn on average only 77% of what men do.

Bad enough.

Worse? Listening to people trying to encourage banks, etc, into helping address and correct the issue by telling them it is "good business practice" to ensure women are paid equally (assists retention, assists productivity, etc).

Why must we still validate the idea that a person involved in business is somehow exempt from "common" morality?

Women should be paid equally for equal work BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Not because it is a sound business decision.

::gusty sigh::


Yeah it's depressing isn't it? I heard a couple of years ago that women get a pay increase each year to try and bring them in line with what men get paid. And if they keep increasing it at the rate they're doing now, women will get paid the same as men in 75 years! And of course they'd still find ways to get around it, like saying that "women's jobs" like childcare workers don't deserve to get paid as much as "men's jobs".

We should all move to Golly Town where everyone is treated equally!
Bring on Golly Town, baby!
The Mayor of Gollytown (who has his own statue) declares all women shall be paid equal to men because they are worth as much as men. Even if they aren't golliwogs!