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Random phone camera photo dump.

You've been warned. 

Mostly just stuff I see on the way to/from work. And crappy quality, cos it's my phone camera, not  my real camera.

 The Aldi on Franklin St. Makes me think of allzugern.
    Why, yes, it *is* Autumn here...

   Graffiti and midget bins!!! Bins for midgets, what a brilliant idea!

I spent Wednesday and today (Friday) in training (learning Microsoft Access 2003 - intro level). The place I was learning was up the other end of the CBD, on Flinders Lane. Following are some of the sites on Flinders Lane.


The Majorca Building, which I have always had a soft spot for.


Centro Espresso is where I bought my coffee this morning. It's next to the Majorca, separated by Centre Place - that's the alley where I took you for soup on your first day in Melbourne, nimnod! The lady smoking is one of the noisy and disruptive people from my Access class.

 The Busker I gave $3 to when I went out for my afternoon cigarette.

 It's like Planet of the Apes!!! Outside the State Library on Swanston St, taken through the tram window.

Thank god this week is over, is all I have to say.


Was just wondering when you'd resurface. "Nimnod", I said to myself, "you should go and leave Riley a comment - she's been too quiet!" Love the library thing =)
Heh. I should actually *write* an entry ... I keep thinking I will, and then I lose the urge.

The library thing always makes me happy :-)
hope the training wasnt too awful.

you should come to the pub tomorrow ! c'marn.. good foodies nom nom :]
the training was mixed - everyone actually knew what a mouse was, for a change. however, one half of the class was annoyingly loud and disruptive, so i kept switching over to spider solitaire until the teacher had them quiet enough to teach again.

no nummies for me, i'm out of spending money. :-(
Aldi! It looks just like ours :-)

I wonder if you have the same food stuffs? or Weekly specials?

That architecture is beautiful and I love the sunken Library!
I haven't been inside yet, but think Aldi over here stocks typically Australian supermarket stuff, so probably quite different inside.

Melbourne has some gorgeous buildings, I really should make more of an effort to photograph them. Unfortunately, being at the other end of the CBD I don't tend to get their often, but I should book a photography day with my friend, andricongirl.

And the sunken library has always made me happy. :-)
You need to go to Aldi and take pictures :-) If it's like here, there is one day a week (usually wed or thurs) where they put out the specials. That's always a lot of fun :-P

I really need to make an effort to get to Australia. There and Northern Canada are two places I really would like to visit. Canada seems more doable because I'm actually on that continent at least once a year. Australia just seems so far away. The flight time alone freaks me out.

Is there a reason for that sunken library? Was it done as part of a movie set and stayed or is it like municipal art?
Good to see you online! And I like these - what a pretty city, in places.
Hello! I'm a bad LJ girl. I should try to post a little more often. Perhaps it would help if you North Americans were to rearrange your schedules so that you're not posting when I'm asleep all the time??? (Inconsiderate!)

Melbourne does have a lot of beauty in it, I should try to capture it more. I've been slack in that area, I'm afraid.
I'm so used to seeing pics of other places it's nice to see some of the home town :)
Heh. I'll try to take some better ones next time! Welcome to the flist, btw. Look forward to actually interacting a bit with you, as I've always enjoyed your forum comments.
Well thank you for the warm welcome ::curtsies::

So often I've thought how handy it would be to have a camera surgically implanted into some part of my body. Strange things always seem to happen to me - and it's nice to have evidence so people don't think you are crazy(er)... or just one big fibber!