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That makes the third time this year that I've found email bounce-backs in my inbox for a spam email I haven't sent, which has been sent to every email in my "contacts" list. And I use "" for "contacts", because Gmail saves every email address you've ever emailed to in your contacts, without asking you first. This is *so* frustrating, because it's not anything I'm doing wrong that's causing it, therefore I can't stop it from happening. GODDAMNIT.

In other words, if you received a bullshit email from me, please roll your eyes and delete it. ARGH. 


Ah, I was wondering what was up with that.

In other matters, are you over your infection?
I swear - SO ANNOYING. It's a problem on Gmail's end, it seems, as it doesn't fit the profile of the usual spoofing, in that it directs the spam emails to your contact list, but is not used repeatedly, just every few months. Really frustrating.

I meant to post this weekend about that ... it's a lot better, but the antibiotics gave me thrush (sorry if that's TMI!). I've just finished a course of treatment for it, but it hasn't been 100% successful, so I think I'll need to go see a doctor about that. *sigh*
Ah, the blessings of free service.

I didn't even know antibiotics could do that. That sounds awful. Yeah, go to a doctor and fix yourself! I hope it all goes away soon. *winces* At least it's mostly better?
Oh, antibiotics are *notorious* for it. Especially the one I was given, apparently. Stupid tablets. Stupid body. I'll have a chat to one of my bosses again tomorrow - she's been giving me advice as she used to be a nurse.

Heh, yeah - mostly better is a big step up!
stupid gmail, i had two mails from you

yeah stupid antibiotics they do that, you could just ask at a chemist for a thrush treatment, should be stuff available over the counter .
so annoying! I love gmail otherwise, and don't want to stop using it, but this is so annoying!

Yeah, like I said above I've just finished the 6-day course of Canesten from the chemist, and it's not completely better. I'll talk to my boss today (ex-nurse) and maybe go see a doctor. grrr.