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That makes the third time this year that I've found email bounce-backs in my inbox for a spam email I haven't sent, which has been sent to every email in my "contacts" list. And I use "" for "contacts", because Gmail saves every email address you've ever emailed to in your contacts, without asking you first. This is *so* frustrating, because it's not anything I'm doing wrong that's causing it, therefore I can't stop it from happening. GODDAMNIT.

In other words, if you received a bullshit email from me, please roll your eyes and delete it. ARGH. 


so annoying! I love gmail otherwise, and don't want to stop using it, but this is so annoying!

Yeah, like I said above I've just finished the 6-day course of Canesten from the chemist, and it's not completely better. I'll talk to my boss today (ex-nurse) and maybe go see a doctor. grrr.