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The vet thinks my cat might have cancer. He thinks he's found a lump in her abdomen, so we have to go back in a week to check again, and also to see how her blood pressure is (he's just diagnosed her with high blood pressure, and she has to take 1/8th of a human blood pressure tablet a day for a week, to see if it helps).

If it is a lump, the only way we could know the status of it is to open her up ... she's 18 and a half, with kidney disease - not a good candidate for invasive surgery or general anaesthetics. My poor girl.


Ohgod. I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with you.

That having been said, I'm sure she'll be fine.

Thanks, matey. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Oh you poor thing...both of you. I'm sorry your baby's not doing well, but truthfully at 18 1/2, even with surgery she can't be around too much longer. Does he really think that's the best way to go? Unless she's in severe pain or whatever, it seems more humane to me to just let her be and not operate. Of course, she's your baby, and you know best.

Hope everything works out ok....*hugs*
Thanks for the hugs.

No, neither I nor he thinks surgery is the way to go, he was just explaining that ultrasounds and xrays would only confirm or deny the presence of a growth, but to find out if it's cancerous would require surgery. I'm just interested in keeping her relatively happy and pain-free, I don't think surgery would be good. She actually should have her teeth done, but I've avoided it because it would be so stressful on her, I don't want to put her through any more than she absolutely needs to.
Thank you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I just want her to be as comfortable as she can for as long as she can. She's my baby :-)
That's horrible news =/ Give her a cuddle from me - I hope she's ok in the end...
Oooh, she *loves* cuddles! Thanks, I'm happy as long as she's not suffering, and she doesn't seem to be yet.

Poor baby. I hope the pills work. *hugs*
Thanks. She took her first pill like a champ this morning, and is currently asleep under my blanket, snoring away. :-)
Oh no! ::hugs:: I'll be thinking good thoughts for you two.
thanks, I appreciate that.
A billion hugs to you and your lovely little cat.
I know that 18 is a very good age to reach for a cat (my SO's cats passed away when they were about 14, 15), but I also know that a cat is an official member of the family, and it's never late enough to see them fading away.

*hugs you both tightly*
Oh, bless you! We both love hugs :-)

You're right, even though 18 is a good age, it's always too soon to say goodbye. I'm going to give her lots of love while I have her.