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ice queen

Fasting for blood tests is very, very irritating. I am not a morning person - seriously, even my blood flows slower in the morning (it's been noted, more than once.) I hate it when I have to get up and go have blood taken without the benefit of my morning coffee. At least today it was only a ten minute walk away, and not a 20 minute tram ride, like last time. Why the tests, anyway? Well.

Remember that recent illness which had me off work for a week? Well, the antibiotics that fixed that problem gave me severe thrush ... severe enough that the usual course of thrush treatment didn't cure it. So I went back to the doctor to confirm that it was just still thrush (she thinks so, though she took a swab - ew, uncomfortable). Anyway, she ended up ordering a bunch of blood tests to see why I've been so run-down and tired lately (the thrush is probably so severe because of my body being run-down). So, blood sugars (hence the fasting), iron, thyroid and so on. Results should be ready Tuesday, now I just have to make an appointment to get them.

Told you. Boring.

In other news, kitty took her pill this morning like a good little munchkin. Here's hoping it helps bring her blood pressure down. Last thing she needs is headaches and possible blindness from high blood pressure. We go back on the 14th to have her next checkup.

Now, back to my rice porridge (which is pretty bland, comes with dried fruit, so I don't want to add sugar.) Stupid wheat intolerance is flaring up badly, so I've bought nasty gluten free bread, rice porridge and a squillion kinds of rice and vegies, to try to avoid wheat for a while. *pouts* But I want pizza!


Hope all your stuff is normal....and I'm sure your kitty's bp medicine will work as well as mine has. *pets her*
I think they might find my iron is low ... I just had a three-hour nap on a Saturday afternoon! I hope they do help her as well as yours has. she thanks you for the patting!
I have a box of gluten free bread mix (good for pizza dough) , will give it to you next time i see you. we got it for D but once home we discovered it had milk powder in it so he cant have it .

hope your tests all are ok, and pats to moochy

you poor ole things ;p
Knowing my luck the gluten free bread mix is full of corn/maize ... so many gluten free things are! If it - by some freak of chance - turns out not to be full of corn, I'd gladly take it off your hands!

I'm thinking iron may play a part, I just had a 3 hour nap!

Me & the mooch are falling to bits!
oh yeah the corn thing , yeah most likely ;\

Hmm. Maybe you need a really hectic course of B & C vitamins? When I get really run down my GP-who-does-acupuncture gives me an intravenous shot of a vitamin cocktail contianing mostly those and usually it's quite effective.

Oh! I used to have those when I was about 15! My mum's cousin's brother-in-law is a doctor who does acupuncture and vitamin shots. They were great. I think it'll be iron, though - i just had a three hour nap on a saturday afternoon.
Hope it's nothing serious. Anyway, a good test about tyroidis is needed, and not only for you, but for any woman. Keep me posted.

*cuddles kitty*
It's funny, while I hope the tests show nothing serious, it *would* be good to have an answer as to why I haven't been feeling energetic and healthy. I should get my results tomorrow night after work, so I'll post after that.

Kitty says thanks for the cuddles!