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ice queen

Estudio Espanol.

Restarted my spanish lessons last night @ The Spanish Cat in Carlton. I don't remember if I told you, but I got halfway through the 8 week Beginners 2 course and dropped out as the new job was kind of insane and Monday night 8pm is not a good time to be learning anything. 

Switched to the Thursday 6.30pm class so I can go straight from work. Expected to forfeit the fees from the aborted course, but they ended up charging me only for half a course last night, so saved $70 there! New teacher this time, a young 'un called Melissa who is insanely bubbly. 

Realised some knowledge gaps from having a different teacher for Beginners 1 - we never learnt partes del cuerpo - parts of the body. Will have to teach myself. Spanish is so pretty!