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Please explain?

At the supermarket across the road from my office they are selling what is labelled as "American Bread".

It's yellow.

Americans, is your bread normally yellow? I don't remember seeing yellow bread in movies or television.

This hurts my brain.


Ummm, yellow? No that's not what my bread looks like....and why would we use the expression 'white bread' if it usually was yellow?

why would we use the expression 'white bread' if it usually was yellow?

It's probably got acceptable levels of pus in it, like the milk.
maybe its full of corn syrup like most other american foods ? thus the yellowness?

no idea actually.

is it actually corn bread ?
whilst not American bread , it is more common there i belive?
Nah, it's like ordinary wheat bread ... except it does have butter in it. Hmm.
No, that's not what normal bread looks like. Seems like they mean corn bread, which is maybe a play on American Indians and that, as the true Americans, they made their bread out of corn meal so it's 'American Bread'.

IDK. Do you guys have corn bread? It is pretty popular in the States, but certainly not the norm.
No, no corn. It's ingredients are like ordinary bread, except it has butter in it. We don't really have corn bread here - our farmers don't get subsidised to grow corn, so it's not quite as ubiquitous as in America. Mind you, there's enough corn flour used as a thickener to be annoying to someone who is corn intolerant, like me.
Huh. Why is it yellow? Did they add safron? There is no yellow bread in America except corn bread. Some breads, like Potato, can have a darker colour, but I wouldn't call it yellow. So weird!