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Yay for second opinions!

Just returned from the Vet's (to D's undisguised relief). Dr Du Jour thinks the mass that Previous Doctor felt was not a tumour, but simply POO! Gross, but good. Blood pressure is down, too, so she's staying on the 1/8th dose until the next checkup in a month. Whee! 


Oh, that's good news!! *does happy kitty dance*
Hey, that's the dance that I did, too!
i hope it is just poo ;p

pats to Dion
Heh. Your icon is just like Alana. With less flailing and retching.

D says thanks for the pats!
I wish you poo!

I love that I can say that, but not the situation. I really do hope it is nothing as serious as a tumor and is just poo.
Hee! You gotta take the opportunity to say those kinds of things when you can, because how often does the opportunity arise???

thanks, hon.
(cute icon!)